LVCS Outstanding School

LVCS was one of 426 schools in Oregon to be awarded the “Outstanding School” designation for the 2009-10 school year. We view this award as the result of a Total Team effort between our staff, students, parents, and School Board.

Come join the LVCS Family as we continue to Cultivate Excellence and Develop Leaders!

One thought on “LVCS Outstanding School”

  1. Our children attended Bridgeport for the first time this year. Our daughter is in 4th grade and our son is in 2nd grade. Our daughter has type 1 diabetes and the entire staff has gone above and beyond to care for her needs. Our children attended Dallas public school prior. Our daughter was especially unhappy there. This is the first year she has LOVED school. Both our kids have done very well academiclly this year. They have both excelled in their classes and I feel very blessed to find this school for them. Thanks to all the staff.

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