Community Center – Gymnasium


Preliminary Concept
Preliminary Concept

Community CenterThe community center will house a gym for PE, Health, Art, Music, Drama, Computers, Cooking and a large kitchen with a much needed lunchroom.

We would like to have an open forum to share ideas about the expansion of our facilities and seek input on community activities. Your input is crucial and we greatly value your support.

Please post your comments.

3 thoughts on “Community Center – Gymnasium”

  1. I love this idea! My children have both gone to school there since their kindergarten years and one of my concerns has been the lack of athletic facility and more space for PE and other activities. I am glad to see that this is a project that LVCS has decided to take on!

  2. I’m very happy to hear about this project. Will the community be able to use this facility? My husband and I have lived near the school for many years. He attended all 8 grades there. We attended Bridgeport Sunday School when it met in the building years ago and now have our own church buildings nearby. We look forward to a community center and expanded facilities for the school!! Please let us know how we can donate funds or time to help. Thanks, Sandy and Jim Barnard

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