The Future

As we look to the future, we are excited about developing a plan for our school that will better serve the needs of our students and our community. We have the opportunity to get involved with the nation-wide Farm to School program connecting our schools with local farms, changing our food program, improving student nutrition, providing agriculture, health, and nutrition education.  We also have the opportunity to construct a building that will serve as a center for school and community activities. This community center will house a gym for PE, as well as volleyball and basketball; classrooms for health,  art, music, and even cooking classes;  and a large kitchen area for our lunch program and community events.

We would like to have an open forum to share ideas about the expansion of our facilities that will allow us to explore the growing, preparing, marketing and nutritional value of food into the educational experience at LVCS. As always, your input is crucial to continue the vision of creating a community that works together to cultivate the academic, social and ethical growth of each student, and we greatly value your support. Come grow with us!

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