P.E. Teacher – Ryan Renner

This is my seventh year teaching Physical Education and Health at LVCS. You won’t find anybody who loves their job more than I do! We have an outstanding school filled with great kids and a very talented and dedicated staff that I really enjoy working with. I graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. I was inspired to be a PE teacher by my former teachers and coaches who took me under their wing when I was young. My hobbies include spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy camping, along with other outdoor activities, and I am a huge sports fanatic! I am very excited about this school year. In my classes, students will participate in a wide range of fun fitness activities, lifetime activities, and a variety of individual and team sports. My overall goal is to facilitate the adoption and maintenance of an active, healthy lifestyle by each one of my students.

4 thoughts on “P.E. Teacher – Ryan Renner”

  1. I love P.E and we have it everyday!! You actually make P.E fun!!! Girls also love to play football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Hailey. Mr. Renner makes P.E. soooooo, so fun. I am soooo, so glad that Mr. Renner is our P.E. Teacher he rocks. He is very kind, and he never snaps at us. He is lenient but still has us follow the rules. He encourages us with everything we do. He gives us his honest opinion, but he is very, very kind about it. He can also take a joke, which is hard to find in a teacher!

  3. Mr. Renner is the best P.E. teacher that there is and that there has ever been and that their will ever be! I love having him as my P.E. teacher. he is encouraging no matter how bad/much you suck. 😉 He can take a joke which is hard to find in a teacher or a person in general. He makes it a priority to get to know each and every student as an individual. He can be straight up and honest with you without being rude and disrespectful about it! I would trust him with my life if I needed to. Which has happened a few times! To sum it all up though he is the most respectful and fun P.E. teacher out there. He straight up ROCKS!!!!!!!

  4. Allow me to toot Mr. Renner’s horn and add he graduated with honors. Yes, folks, he is a sports fanatic who respectfully shares that with his students. I’ve seen first hand how he ROCKS! It’s a rare person who expresses how much they love what they do and you have a golden opportunity for passing that along to our next generation of adults. It’s more than a job but a very priceless thing you do. You’re helping shape that next generation with valuable tools. I couldn’t be prouder Sunshine. Love you!!!

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