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This is a page where the parents of LVCS students sound off about our wonderful school!  Thank you for your kind words, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your students:

To Mr. Austin and Board Members:

My name is Sandra P.  My husband and I have a granddaughter who is a second grader at LVCS, and has started her third year there.

Recently we found our dream house in Portland, and were seriously considering, for the first time, moving into the city of Portland, and enjoying all that urban area has to offer.

At the Open House we watched a demonstration of the Promethan system. We were blown away. That demonstration changed the direction of our thinking. Instead of moving away, we decided to stay and become more involved with LVCS with the expectation that this is what we want for our granddaughter’s future in education.

What we saw that changed our minds, and liked, is the Promethans’ limitless resource capacity, the ability to store and retrieve information, and track individual work; store it, make comparisons, and chart progress, which can then be E-mailed to parents. YES !  We like the sign-in security system. It tracks who is on campus and who is not. All approved visitors and volunteers should display an extremely visable yellow sticker, that contains pertinent information. This will help alert staff and parents on campus with respect to who is approved to be on campus.

We like the reality of our granddaughter’s school using an electronic educational system that is similar to what’s in use in the Bill Gates High Tech schools. We feel that these systems are helping to bring the ways in which we educate our children out of the dark ages and into the future.

Thank you for the wise and visionary investment in our children’s future.

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  1. Mr Austin Pricnipal at LVCS
    My son is in his third year at LVCS he is a fourth grader this year. My son has some developmental delays which affect his ability to learn and perform in class. You have gone above and beyond to do whatever possible to see that he gets an opportunity for a great education. This year he is in Mrs Austins class, and to those who dont know Elaine Austin. She is the Fourth grade teacher and also the wife of Mr Austin. I feel like my son matters at LVCS and when I could not get help for him Mr Austin stood beside us and has made sure he doesnt fall between the cracks. And Mrs Austin is a great teacher I am proud to say my son is doing great this year.

    I dont want to forget Miss Tammy who works in the office. She is amazing and very good at multi tasking

    Thanks so much to LVCS Staff.
    Heidi Kessel

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