We have a great staff of teachers and administrators who are excited to teach your children.  Please click on their picture to learn more about them:


Mrs. Emily Covey
Email EmilyKISLER
First Grade
Mrs. Amy Covey
Email Amy
First Grade
Second Grade
Ms. Crocker
Email Jenneca
Jenneca Crocker
Third Grade
Mrs. Ellis
Email Leslee
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Yokota
Email Ashley
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Barnard
Email Kristin
Sixth Grade
Ms. Wittich
Email JessicaJessica Wittich

Seventh Grade
Mr. Mcguffee
Email Jerry
Jerry Mcguffee
Eighth Grade
Mr. Shimek
Email DanielSHIMEK
P.E. Teacher
Mr. Renner
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Student Services
Mrs. Francis
Email Whitney
Whitney Francis
Interim Director
Mr. Diehl
Email Steve
Business Manager
Mrs. Pryce
Email Tammy
Business Manager
Mrs. Chase
Email Amber
Amber Chase
Testing Coordinator
Ms. Gardner
Email Vicki
Vicki Gardner